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Photo Engraving



Dear Mr. Anson:

This letter is just to let you know how satisfied we were with all you did for us, not only once, but twice. We were absolutely devastated when Denver was killed in an auto accident on April 13, 1997 and at that time you were able to provide us with some measure of comfort, not only in how we were treated, but also in the way Denverís headstone was designed. Sometimes the end result turns out to be less than anticipated, but it is with gratitude that we ended up with a design that not only looked great on paper, but was even better on the stone. Denverís stone with his picture and all the writing has truly been admired by many of our family and others. It was the same when we were helped with the designing of my husband and my stone with a wonderful family tree on the reverse side. Again, not only were we happy with the way we were treated, but also the headstone has been something we are all proud of. As you know when Bob passed away in May, you were there to add the dates and also were kind enough to help us with all the handling of the military footstones. We are extremely grateful to you for all you did during this time and it is a comfort to know that there is someone like Phelps County Memorial Co and yourself to help when life hands us our worst moments.


Marjorie Green & Denese Green Roberts