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Phelps County Monument Co. is locally owned and operated by Larry & Sarah Anson. We offer you 35 years of monument experience and we do our own drafting and engraving right here in Rolla. Monuments are all that we do and we do each and every one as if it were for our own family.

Phelps County Monument Co.
1001 Hauck Dr.
Rolla, Mo.

Phone (573) 364-3600

Fax (775) 637-6773

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Sarah & Larry Anson


Our idea of Memorialization has a central theme... “To bring comfort to those who visit the grave” Our approach to that idea is as personal as the people we serve. Selecting a memorial is an expression of love and respect for the life of a person. Whether the selection is being made as part of a pre-need plan, or after a death, the memorial is a tribute to the life of an individual and is a source of satisfaction and comfort to those who are left behind to remember.

The true measure of value in any memorial can only be measured in sentiment and satisfaction. Our responsibility to our patrons is not limited to the mere marking of graves. It goes far deeper than that. The people who come to us for assistance in the planning and building of memorials can expect to be received with sympathetic understanding, as we create a tribute to your precious memories.